About Nataliya Kolydchak

Sales Representative

Nataliya was born in Odessa, Ukraine sometime in the 20th century, and was educated in the Ukraine and then England before immigrating to Canada in 1998, where she furthered her studies. She finished with a Masters in Banking and Finance, and also Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management. 

In 2010, Nataliya decided to take a leap of faith and jump into a new career in real estate. After working many years in high end retail sales and customer service, this move was natural in some ways… As a child, and through her adolescence, her family was developing and reselling properties, and thus she became familiar with the real estate transaction process. 

What Nataliya loves the most about working in real estate is seeing her clients happy at the end of the day and helping them make the right decision about their purchase or sale of their home. Nataliya’s strengths lie in masterfully negotiating and navigating the deal to get the best value for her clients, sometimes thinking outside the box to get the most favourable result. She prides herself on her resourcefulness – Nataliya finds answers for her clients, and believes “knowledge is leverage”… The more one knows about the property the stronger the negotiation. 

In 2011 Nataliya has joined Keller Williams, a great company that has been essential in her career development as a Realtor®. Nataliya has since won numerous awards and served as a committee chair on the Agent Leadership Council in 2016. 

Nataliya is happily married and has 3 children together with her husband Lowell who is a real estate builder and developer in the Greater Toronto Area. When not working, you can find Nataliya either traveling with her family or gazing into a watercolour at the latest art exhibit!